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Bring your concept to reality and

let your vision shine

Sky's the limit when it comes to imagination. But sometimes it can be difficult to turn your imagination into reality. Here at Royal Star Jewellery you are no longer bound by conventional methods of creating Jewellery, instead a computer software program can help turn your concept design into reality.


Our Design team will work closely with you to understand your vision and to create a unique design that matches your requirements.

3D Modeling

Once you finalize the design, it is then constructed in 3D through computer aided softwares such as Rhinoceros.

The same 3D model is then used as a reference to provide a visual preview of your Design.


Once created by hands as a wax carving, it is printed in a resin based wax. This resin based printout is a physical preview which you can wear it for size variation or any other modifications.


Printed Wax or Resin based mould is embedded in Plaster Investment, which will be placed in a furnace to incinerate the model. The Investment containing the negative impression will be filled with molten metal.


Once your design is casted, our craftsman unites it with the soul of your inspiration. The stones and fine detailing are added to make your design come to life. 


There’s nothing quite like coming to the end of a long jewellery making process. A thorough clean and polish of the entire piece is the final step in its creation

Each piece is crafted to the highest standards of luxury jewellery to realize your vision.

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