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An extension of you.... to reflect your personal Style.


Working with our Design Team

Giving you the ability to create and design your own piece of jewellery, unique to you or someone special.

Our bespoke design team will work closely with with you to inspire and create a unique design that matches your requirements and reflects your personal style.


Translating into 3D

Once you finalize the design, it is then constructed in 3D through computer aided softwares such as Rhinoceros.

The same 3D model is then used as a reference to provide a visual preview of your unique piece.


Sculpted by our Master Craftsman

Taking lead from your inspiration and requirements, our highly skilled master craftsman sculpt your design using ultra modern tools and techniques.

Each piece is crafted to the highest standards of luxury jewellery to realize your vision. A Bespoke Jewellery Piece that will be adored for a lifetime.


Adding Soul to your Inspiration

Once your design is crafted, our craftsman unites it with the soul of your inspiration. The stones and fine detailing are added to make your design one of a kind, just for you..

Each setting style is created to enhance both, the beauty of the stones and the brilliance of a jewelry piece.

Ultimate Design

Imagination meets Reality

There’s nothing quite like coming to the end of a long jewellery making process and reaching that rewarding stage of finishing the piece just to make it look like it was Imagined. A thorough clean and polish of the entire piece is the final step in its creation

We arrange for you to come and collect your dream piece of jewellery, the first time you will see it in all it’s finished glory, ready for a lifetime of admiration with it’s very lucky owner.

Bespoke Designs

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